Tuesday, 21 March 2017

What is Mini Piling and Piling

What is mini piling and piling?

Piling is the act of putting piles into the ground where any construction is going to be built. Mini Piling is basically the exact same thing as piling except is commonly used where space is tight and the piles must are simply too bulky to be operated and placed correctly. The piles in the ground effectively stabilise the building, stop the building sinking into the ground and acting as the foundation for the building to be built upon.

Why would I ever need piling?

Piling is used more commonly than you may think and buildings such as conservatories, orangeries and extensions will also require piling as well as your main home. Not many people realise this when purchasing said upgrades for the home and this tends to get outsourced by the joinery. This is actually rather bad for these unfortunate customers as the joinery usually acts as a middle man and charges more than the piling company ever would.

Sourcing a piling and mini piling contractor

There are many horror stories from commonly found on TV shows such as cowboy builder etc. The house generally looks fine then over the year sinks a metre into the ground! This is an example of poor planning and poor piling. On a side note if you do notice your property sinking it may be worth looking at underpinning, which repairs existing piling work as well as helping to support additional weight. The best way to find a piling contractor who knows his stuff is through recommendations. Recommendations are reliable accounts of how a company operates and you can actually inspect his work yourself. I personally recommend HH Piling who handle all my piling work in Wigan.

If you are interested in piling or mini piling in Wigan then these are definitely the guys to use!