Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Using SEO for Local Businesses

Local businesses are often very lax in the way i which they approach their online marketing campaign. They simply do not believe they can compete with huge companies that currently have their place on the online market.

What these small businesses do not understand is that you will not competing with these large companies for places on search engines. Instead a good SEO consultant will simply forge your own market where you are the only one, or one of few, who compete. Making the online market a place to make money is really not that difficult.

All you really have to do is choose the correct SEO agency.

Choosing the right SEO Agency

The right SEO agency isn't necessarily the agency with the best positions (although these do help) or the agency with the nicest suits (although again nice suits are a must) but the agency that you feel you can trust because this si what SEO is all about.
You are handing over control of your online reputation to an agency, I don't care how cheap or expensive they are, I want an SEO company who allow me to sleep easy at night knowing everything is in good hands.

Budget also comes into play as some companies you may feel you can trust but will charge an arm and a leg. Remember therewill always be more than one company you trust as well as distrust! Tell tail signs of SEO companies you cannot trust are companies who offer ridiculously low prices. For 100 pound a month we will generate you thousands of pounds a month. Hmmm, sounds shady no?
SEO can be a wonderful practice but just make sure you are very careful with who choose because like any trade there are scrumpulous companies who will seek to take advantage.